Obama Gangnam Style!

While the Gangnam Style craze is starting to simmer down,
Our video continues to get more and more views.
We were just featured on a popular Denmark morning news show!

Thanks to Mitch Bisschop, Dalila Ali Rajah,
Tony Torrez and the subway dance crew!

More videos coming soon:


My Fellow Americans!

September 20, 2012

My Fellow Americans,

We are proud to announce that our new website, www.PresidentialComedy.com is up and ready for business!

After years of hard work and traveling from sea to shining sea and beyond, we are so grateful Reggie has been named the #1 Obama impersonator by the Huffington Post!

Presidential Clippings, the web series starring Reggie Brown and Mike Cote is generating lots of media attention so keep an eye out, there’s more on the way.

We have amazing new parodies and political presidential comedy coming to you soon, be sure to check back daily!

– Reggie