Reggie Brown Helps Daihatsu Celebrate Their Annual Gala

June 26, 2018

Daihatsu President Soichiro Okudaira was overwhelmed with joy upon meeting Reggie and the Japanese audience was in awe as Reggie took the stage to perform. This was truly an event to remember!

We’d like to thank City Connection Entertainment for bringing us to this new audience.

Photo Credit: City Connection Entertainment

Photo Credit: City Connection Entertainment

Reggie Brown Rings in The New Year With Bill Maher and Bob Saget in Honolulu & Maui

January 5, 2018

Reggie joined Bill Maher’s 7th Annual New Years Evening of Comedy in Hawaii along with fellow comic Bob Saget for 2 sold out shows in the Hawaiian islands of Honolulu and Maui.

Photo Credit: Kat Wade

Reggie’s set included his signature multimedia slide show and had the audience in stitches in both shows!

Photo Credit: Kat Wade

The trio performed their individual sets in two sold out shows in Honolulu on New Years Eve and Maui on New Years Day and finished both shows singing “Smile” by Charlie Chaplin.

Photo Credit: Kat Wade



Reggie Brown Returns to Real Time With Bill Maher

August 8, 2017

Reggie returned to HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher for the fourth time this past Friday.

His performance quickly went viral and landed on the front pages of Google, Yahoo, Huffpost, TMZ and over 70 other media outlets.

*Update* Reggie’s performance became Real Time’s most popular editorial of 2017!

Reggie Brown as Obama Makes History At The Hong Kong Sevens!

April 10, 2017

Are you a rugby fan? Then you must have seen Reggie Brown during the Hong Kong Sevens Rugby Tournament dancing, greeting and entertaining the international audience during the epic weekend

Reggie Brown, Dennis Alan and Howard greet and entertain over 40,000 fans at Hong Kong’s biggest event of the year, the HK Sevens.